Quick Post about Discovery Days! And a very silly AMA.

Hey! I’m volunteering at Engineering Discovery Days tomorrow from 11:30-2:00. If you happen to be on campus, please stop by and say hello. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have. I’ll be at one of the booths, I think!

I’ve got blue hair, not super hard to spot 🙂

Okay, and now an AMA:

Question: If you were a potato, what type of potato would you be?

Wow. That’s a pretty serious question, Potato Fred, and one that required serious introspection. I’m gonna go off the script here and say that I’d be a yam. Because let’s be serious, people. Potatoes are only really good when you load them with fats (sour cream, cheese, etc). Otherwise, they’re pretty meh. Yams, though? Moist and sweet. So darn delicious. I like their caramelized bits, no butter necessary.

So… wait. Maybe I want to *be* a less delicious potato, that I might survive for as long as possible? Nah. If you’ve gotta go out, go out like a delicious, delicious rockstar.

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